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Kuretake No. 8 Fountain Brush Pen

Price: $17.95 CAD
Elegant hair tip brush pen from Kuretake. Comes in an ergonomic, long body that is easy to write and draw with. Great for Sumi-e (traditional Asian art) paintings.

The Fountain Hair Brush Pen's structure is as same as a fountain pen. If your ink cartridge or brush tip stiffens or gets stuck after a long period of being idle, you can use the following steps to get your pen going again:

1) Remove the ink from the pen. 2) Soak the brush pen tip in warm water. Change the water until you do not see anymore black liquid (1-5 days) *Please do not remove the metal part or disassemble the brush part, otherwise, it might cause the ink leakage. 3) Rinse it well with running water, then dry off and remove the excess water using some tissue. Leave it out of direct sunlight to let it dry for a day or so. *If you put this back without drying it, the ink can leak from the side. 4) Insert the new ink refill.

After you insert the ink, the writing might be a bit weak in color due to the moisture of the brush, however, if you keep wring for a while, the color of the ink should go back to the original color.

To avoid any drying issues, we recommend to use this pen often without a long period of no usage. Also when you finish writing, we recommend to dry the brush lightly with some tissue before putting the cap back on.

Product id: KU-DP150-8B

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