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Natural Pigments Easy Gesso (500g)

Price: $19.95 CAD
An easy way to make real gesso. This is not an acrylic "gesso" mix. It's the real thing: hide glue and whiting (chalk). But we've made it real easy: Mix equal amounts of warm water and the Easy Gesso powder, wait a few hours for it to gel and then warm it until it is liquid enough to apply with a brush. Can also be applied cold as a soft gelatinous mass similar in consistency to tofu. The difference between real gesso and acrylic "gesso" or primers is silky soft surface that is absorbent to water-based paints.

Contains medium ground calcite (chalk) and rabbit skin glue.

1. Into a container, mix equal parts by volume of dry Easy Gesso with warm water—no warmer than 65° C (150° F).

2. Stir and allow to stand for at least two hours. It will gel.

3. Place the container in a pot full of hot tap water. The gel will liquefy and can be brushed on. Allow each coat to dry.

4. Sand, if desired, and apply the next coat. At least four sanded coats produce the best surface for painting.

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