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Natural Pigments Rabbit Skin Glue

Price: $21.95 CAD
This is a high grade glue made in the U.S. of pure rabbit collagen. It is a fine mesh granular glue that is easy to dissolve in water. The high-quality grade means that it is the lightest in color and most translucsent glue available. This makes it ideal for use in gesso and as a medium for distemper painting.

Stronger than most modern adhesives, rabbit skin glue is used in traditional woodworking and painting technique. First soaked in water and then heated in a water bath, it is applied warm, and gels when left to cool. In woodworking, rabbit skin glue's solubility in water makes it reversible, while its "open time" allows for repositioning. In painting technique, it is used both as a size for canvas and boards, in recipes to make traditional gesso, and in distemper paints.

It is a common industry practice to name certain types of collagen glue sold in commerce as "rabbit skin" glue to denote the bloom or gel strength of the glue. Animal glues vary in strength, but rabbit skin glue usually offers the highest strength, viscosity and elasticity. True rabbit skin glue tends to gel at lower temperatures, making it easier to use in gesso applications. Otherwise, glue made from bovine collagen are comparable. Collagen glues designated as "rabbit skin glue" have the highest gel strength, while those designated as "hide glue" is intermediate between that and glues named "technical gelatin," which has the lowest gel strength. Naming it "rabbit skin" glue, however, does not mean it actually consists of rabbit hides. We follow this practice, because if we named the product according to its source, then it would be called "primarily bovine hide glue," in which case artists would not be able to identify what they need. However, unlike most sellers of these products, we have identified the source of the collagen glue.

Always make the minimum concentration required; as a guide, a set jelly should be somewhere between hard set and liquid. For a canvas or panel size, try 40 grams of rabbit skin glue for every quart of water. For distemper paints, 60 grams for every quart. As an adhesive, check the consistency by dipping a piece of wood into the glue pot. If the glue runs off smoothly, you've got it right. If it is too thick, add a little water. Use the glue hot.

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