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Natural Pigments Sun-Thickened Linseed Oil 8oz

Price: $45.95 CAD

Rublev Colours Sun-Thickened Linseed Oil is made by exposing raw, cold-pressed linseed oil to sunlight in shallow tanks covered with clear glass and exposed to the atmosphere for a period of one month. Exposure to sunlight lightens the oil considerably but only slightly thickens it.

To give the oil more body (higher viscosity), we place lead sheets in the tank and blow air through the oil for at least three more months. Trace amounts of lead may dissolve into the oil and may be present in the finished oil.


This linseed oil is slightly more yellow than sun-thickened walnut oil, so it can be used with pale colors and white. It is fast drying and will add gloss, leveling and flow out to oil paint. This oil can be used as a medium or added to homemade mediums.

Use turpentine, spike oil or mineral spirits as a solvent or diluent for oil painting mediums made with linseed oil.


Prepared by exposing linseed oil (derived from the dried ripe seeds of the flax plant [Linum usitatissimum, Linaceae]) to sunlight for at least one month and blown with air with lead plates for three months.

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