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Rublev Colours Oil Medium No.2 250ml

Price: $17.50 CAD
Rublev Colours Oil Mediums are drying oils (linseed or walnut) purified and then thickened by exposure to sunlight and air until they are clear and pale. They are then thinned with spike oil, rectified spirits of gum turpentine or odorless mineral spirits (OMS). As the oils dry naturally, containing no driers or resins, they may be used with confidence as to their future behavior and longevity. The mediums prepared with spike oil dry the slowest; the medium with odorless mineral spirits dries next rapidly; while that prepared with turpentine dries the fastest. Use as a painting medium, for "oiling out" to keep oil colors fresh and as a safe drying oil mixed with oil colors on the palette.

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