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Rublev Conservar Isolating/Finishing Varnish 4 oz

Price: $14.95 CAD
Conservar Isolating/Finishing Varnish is a colorless, reversible varnish comprised of an aldehyde resin (Laropal A81) in an aromatic and aliphatic solvent blend with UV light stabilizer. It can be used both as an isolating varnish and a final varnish. The varnish is available in two finishes: Gloss and Matte. The Matte varnish has micronized silica added to produce a varnish with less gloss. Both finishes can be blended to achieve the desired gloss level. The varnish can be removed with most any of the low-aromatic aliphatic solvents.

Laropal A81 is a urea-aldehyde resin used to make pigment pastes and as a medium in conservation colors. Accelerated aging tests have shown Laropal A81 to be one of the most stable resins available for use as a varnish.* Even after extended exposure to xenon arc lamps, in conditions simulating direct sunlight, the resin remains soluble in a mixture of aliphatic and aromatic solvents similar in proportion in which the freshly prepared varnish dissolves. While some change of the resin occurs after it has aged, this change can be essentially eliminated by the addition of a UV stabilizer,* which is included in Conservar Isolating/Finishing Varnish.

Laropal A81 is insoluble in almost all purely aliphatic solvents, such as odorless mineral spirits, making it an ideal isolating varnish. It can be used with other varnishes applied as a distinct layer, for example, below Conservar Finishing Varnish or other varnishes. Conservar Finishing Varnish remains easily removable without harming the Conservar Isolating/Finishing Varnish in the layer below. Conservar Isolating/Finishing Varnish can be used as a final varnish that is less glossy than Conservar Finishing Varnish.

Compared to natural resin varnishes, such as dammar, Conservar Isolating/Finishing Varnish has a slightly satin-like appearance. It saturates colors as well as dammar but not quite as well as Conservar Finishing Varnish and is considerably less glossy.

Laropal A81 resin in Conservar Isolating/Finishing Varnish has a relatively broad molecular weight distribution (polydispersibility) giving it a pleasant feel or ‘brushability’. When brushing it has enough viscosity to give a feeling of control while it easily spreads out evenly. Its major advantage is its relatively good leveling in a single application without the tendency to sink into matte areas of a painting.

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