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Rublev Sealing Varnish 8oz

Price: $18.25 CAD
Sealing Varnish is a varnish of Manila copal and elemi gum (a plasticizer). Dries fast to a hard finish, resists turpentine and mineral spirits, sands easily, making it ideal for sealing wood panels and gesso. The properties of this varnish are 1) relatively hard resin (copal) used in the formulation; 2) rapidly penetrates into the pores of wood and other porous materials; 3) easy to apply whether by brushing or spraying; 4) complete and rapid dryng (due to the low solvent retention); and 5) easy to sand. Thin with denatured alcohol. (26% resin w/v)

Caution: Follow safety instructions carefully. Not suitable for use by children. Shipping restrictions apply to hazardous materials.

Hazardous Material: Cannot ship by Air or Next Day Services. Ships Ground Only.

Product id: RB-540-28008

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