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Squirrel Imitation Watercolor Brush

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Kolibri Squirrel brushes are handmade in Germany by Feurer & Sohn -- one of the oldest brush manufacturers in Germany (established 1898). Kolibri brushes are made using the finest Russian Kazan squirrel hair to produce a brush that holds paint exceptionally well and comes to an excellent point.

Kolibri Squirrel Rounds have long hair length out, which is ideally suited for painting "long" oil colors and the sharpest details with fluid paint.

Squirrel Hair
Kolibri uses the finest hair from the tail of the brown squirrel found throughout the cold climes of Siberia. The hair is exceptionally soft and absorbent, so that the brush tip holds paint exceptionally well, forms an excellent point and doesn't leave hair tracks while brushing. The hardwood handles are lacquer finished for long life.

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