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Traveler's Notebook - 10th Anniversary Mini Can Set

Price: $56.00 CAD
To celebrate the ten years of history built with the travelers around the world, Midori has made a special version of TRAVELER’S notebook. It’s a small-sized notebook that fits in one’s hand, and this is a notebook that we want people to carry it around in their lives at all times.
The notebook refill inside takes a form of a kit. People can pick their favorite paper and bind it using a stapler. Customizing items such as a charm and sticker is also included, and there is also a guide that explains the history of TRAVELER’S notebook. These are all set inside a box shaped can that can be used to store a regular size refill.
In the customized mini TRAVELER’S notebook, people can write down things such as their favorite words, address, and names. After writing something down into the mini notebook, people can carry this around as an ID tag or a baggage tag and travel through their daily lives.

Contents include:

-10th Anniversary Can, made of tin plate (H233mm x W124mm x D43mm)
-“TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Main Cover, made of cow leather (H47mm x W32mm x D6mm)
-“TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Cotton Case, made of cotton (H88mm x W42mm x D2mm)
-“TRAVELER'S notebook Mini" Outer Box, made of paper (H70mm x W50mm x D15mm)
-Notebook Refill Mini Kit (Refill Papers) (H41mm x W44mm)
-10 sheets of cover, 10 sheets of title page
-Inner paper (MD Paper White: Lined, Grid, and Blank / MD Paper Cream: Lined, Grid, and Blank) x 5 sheets each, 5 sheets of Kraft Paper... 35 sheets total
-Mini Charm, made of brass
-Sticker, made of paper
-Assembly guide for the mini notebook refill
-10th Anniversary Guide

Product id: MI-Travelers Notebook 10th

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