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UV Stable Matte Varnish

Price: $48.95 CAD
BEVA® Matte Varnish is an entirely new, extensively tested formulation. It
contains a matting agent which is suspended in this solution, and may require
some shaking prior to its use. BEVA® Matte Varnish can be applied by spray
or by brush with equally good results and can be mixed with BEVA® Finishing Varnish in any proportional to achieve intermediate degrees of gloss.


BEVA® Matte Varnish can be removed with purely aliphatic solvents during the
first few weeks following application with a minimum effect on the inpainting, both
old and recent. Thereafter, the varnish remains soluble in naptha or low-aromatic solvents for about 20-30 years of normal exposure to light, such as found in museums or private collections. Accelerated aging tests of BEVA® Finishing Varnish and BEVA® Matt Varnish indicate that after 50-100 years, high-aromatic solvents, or mixtures of low-aromatic solvents with iso-propyl alcohol will remove these varnished with out difficulty, particularly if applied on top of a thin layer of acryloid B-67.

Product id: CP-UV-Stable Matte Varnish

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